Best Challenging Trekking in Nepal

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Either high altitude adventurous trekking of low land moderate trekking, Nepal offers lifetime memories of experiences. In our previous post, we have mentioned the Best Trekking Places in Nepal,  Best Trekking Routes in Nepal, here are the most challenging trekking in Nepal.

Manaslu Round Trekking 


Manaslu was declared as a conservation area in 1998 by Nepal government. The Government has handed over the management responsibilities of MCA to National Trust for Nature conservation’ (NTNC) for 10 years. This is one of the second conservation areas under the direct management of the trust, it is one of the most beautiful conservation areas of Nepal because of the Mt Manaslu 8163,m standing in the background with several other amazing mountains along the Mt Manaslu range. It is also a second biggest restricted conservation area of Nepal after the Annapurna conservation area. it requires guided special permits for the trekkers by the government authorized trekking agency.

Kanchenjunga Trek


Kanchenjunga Trekking route was opened for foreign trekkers in the year 1998. It takes you close to the third highest mountain in the world-Mt Kanchenjunga. It is also one of the longest treks in the country which takes around 27 days.

The opportunity to explore and learn from an unusual and explicit culture is a complementary factor of this trek. As it is one of the longest and hardest trekking routes, the area is less crowded with scattered settlements. You will experience a diverse range of landscape ranging from densely green forest to snow-covered glacier cliffs.

Dhaulagiri Circuit


Dhaulagiri Circuit is known as the most challenging trek in Nepal for several reasons. First, it’s a camping trek, meaning there are no comfortable (or even basic!) lodges to retreat to at the end of the day, or if the weather turns bad. Second, it’s necessary to spend three days in a row trekking above 5,000 meters.

At that altitude, many travelers experience a light head, racing heart, and difficulty sleeping. Third: combine the previous two points with the fact that you’ll often have to trek and sleep in snowy conditions. The Dhaulagiri Circuit may not be the most comfortable trek out there, but if you’re very fit, very experienced and up for a very big challenge, it’s a good one.

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