Best Season To Travel in Nepal

best season to travel in nepal

Nepal is one of the best places to visit in the world. Nepal has great places from Mt. Everest (Highest point on earth) some of the best architectural/historical places – UNESCO Heritage.

There are mainly two peak seasons, particularly for trekking purpose. Late September to early December and end of February to mid-April as another best time. In late September to the early December, best view of the mountains can be observed as the sky remains clear and fresh. End of February to mid- April remains warm and dry.

Late September – Early December

October and November are two of the best months to visit in Nepal as you can have good visibility and also dry days make the easiest trekking. The verdant landscapes following the rains are ideal for photographers. You can have beautiful paddy fields and amazing views in this season.

paddy field
Paddy field during October November

During this season, generally, two of the main festivals of Nepal falls, Dashain and Tihar. So, it will be even the best time for observing the festivals/culture.

End of February – Mid-April

End of February and March marks the beginning of spring. Temperatures increase and rhododendrons bloom. Days are longer during March and April, making them perfect for trekking, although temperatures are still cool at night. It’s a popular time to travel.

Holi festival – generally falls between February and March

Holi- a festival of color is celebrated in March in the main cities of Nepal. Nepal’s landscapes change color in the spring as a range of rhododendron species spread across the hills and mountains.

Rhododendron across the hills of Nepal

Nepal’s wildlife is worth exploring during this season. Chitwan and Bardia are two of the largest national parks which offer great sightings of one horn rhinos, monkeys, tigers, birds, and even elephants.

Nepal Climate Guide

nepal climate

Source- audleytrevel

Final Words!

In terms of clear views and best weather experience, October and December are the best time to visit Nepal. Late spring is a beautiful time to travel as the rhododendrons burst into bloom. As Nepal is rich in culture and diverse demographic formation, Nepal celebrates festivals all year. So, you can have some type of festival anytime throughout the year.

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