Fun facts about Nepal

Fun facts about Nepal:

Nepal is not just the land of majestic Everest but indeed has many unique chapters within itself. If you are thinking that you know enough about Nepal then its time to rethink. Nepal retains such culture and fact to make itself a distinctly unique and important nation on the earth. And these facts not just sound fun to read, but also stand an identification of this land of Himalayas.

  • Nepal lives 57 years ahead:

Nepal owns its own calendar which is written in Bikram Sambat. As per the calendar, the present date of Nepal is 2075 B.S. while rest of the world is living in 2018 A.D. Though the stories of time travel are a mere fiction, you can spice up your life by getting to live in future.

  • Sunday is not the weekend:

Do you know that there are only a few countries in the world where Sunday is not the weekend? The public holiday in Nepal is on Saturday while Sunday is a workday.

  • Nepal’s flag is not rectangular

Have you ever perceived that all countries in the world have a rectangular flag except Nepal? Nepal is the only one country in the whole world with the triangular flag.

  • The Slaughtering of a cow is illegal:

As a national animal of Nepal, slaughtering of cows is illegal in this county. Beef technically means only the buffalos meats; cow is worshiped in the form of goddesses. It’s very common to see cows wandering in the streets of Kathmandu.

  • Nepal is Amazon of Asia:

In spite of being a small fragment among two domineering land masses, Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in term of biodiversity. With 8.9% of the total species of birds in the world (900 species of birds); 4.2% of worlds butterfly and 3.96% of world’s mammal, Nepal is rightfully called “Amazon of Asia”.

  • Nepal was never colonized:

The story of brave Gurkhas is famous all over Britain as the bravest warriors in the world. Nepal is one among the few third world countries that have never been colonized; so never celebrates something like “independent day”.

  • Yeti or mystery?

The mysterious creature of the Himalayas name “Yeti” was said to be spotted in Nepal. Many individuals who have trodden the secluded path in the Himalayas claim to spot the Yeti. Sir Edmund Hillary even led an expedition to find the Yeti in 1958.

  • Nepal is weed capital: Weed is said to be illegal in Nepal still, marijuana grows wild in rural areas of Nepal. In the 60s, Nepal had literally grown as a hippie tourist attraction in areas like in Thamel. Now, the transaction has decreased in considerable quantum as the places have been cleaned and reconstructed after an agreement with the US in 2073.
  • “Elephant Polo” was originated in Nepal: The famous game “Elephant polo” was started from Meghauli, Nepal. It is played in Nepal, Rajasthan, and Thailand.

Not just these but there is much more stuff about Nepal that can drive you crazy. Do you know that 8 out of the 10 tallest mountains lie in Nepal? Or the fact that there is a living goddess in Nepal sounds crazier?

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