Manasalu Round Trekking in Nepal- 14/17 Days.

17 Days

Manaslu was declared as a conservation area in 1998 by Nepal government. The Government has handed over the management responsibilities of MCA to National Trust for Nature conservation’ (NTNC) for 10 years. This is one of the second conservation area under the direct management of the trust, it is one of the most beautiful conservation area of Nepal because of the Mt Manaslu 8163,m standing in the background with several other amazing mountains along the Mt Manaslu range. It is also a second biggest restricted conservation area of Nepal after the Annapurna conservation area. it requires guided special permits for the trekkers by the government authorized trekking agency. it has two different special permit systems – as bellow –

1, September to November US$ 7o per week per person and after 7 days US$ 10 per day per person or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

2, From December to August US$ 50 per week per person and after 7 days US$ 7 per day per person or equivalent convertible foreign currency.

The trekkers can start trekking direct from Kathmandu to Arughat or  Pokhara to Arughat then the trek starts gradually from  570,m altitude from the sea level to 5130,m of Larkya –La.(pass)

<p>The road is going continue to Dhadingbesi from Kathmandu. Then the road is rough after Dhadingbesi, but it is possible to start trek from pokhara also. so better to hire 4 wheeled Jeep.Arughat is situated on the banks of the Budhigandaki river. It is a kind of small town separated in two parts from the river. So you can stay either eastern site of Arughat or northern site of this city. You have to cross a bridge to go another part of the city from first part.</p>

<p>Trail goes mostly flat along the Budhi Gandaki river through the villages, Sal(robusta) forest and the waterfalls.</p>

<p>The trail is going gentle up along the cliffs and the villages with rice terraces, sub tropical vegetation with river view. It is a kind of local village located at near the junction of two river. </p>

<p>This day is little harder than previous days because the trail is going up hilland with the sub tropical vegetation and crossing suspension bridges over the Budhi Gandaki. </p>

<p>From this day you are entering the Manaslu special permit area so your permits will be checked by a check post controller. Your guide have to register permits in Jagat check post. Then the trail continues gently up again with a lot of marijuana fields along the trail. Then you have to cross a long suspension bridge over the Budhi Gandaki river beneath Philim Village. The way goes uphill for 20 minutes after the bridge,eventually you will reach in Philim Village. It is one of the biggest and the beautiful village till today from your trekking started.You can visit around the village after your lunch, trekkers information center, a school, and a Buddhist Gumba.</p>

<p>Your way continue through some little villages, and narrow trail over the cliff, from the east side of the Budhi Gandaki river, but you have to cross the hanging bridges over the river. The trail is going gently up so there is no problem you can walk on your own good pace. The jungle with some fire berry trees and Marijuana trees can be quite interesting some trekkers used to spend their time there because of Marijuana if they used to smoke. Specially November is the best season for it.</p>

<p>This day you have to cross 2 different bridges over the Budhi Gandaki river.You need to walk through different vegetation including pine and birch forest. The trail goes uphill in the beginning of the day then you have to go gentle up till Ghap village. It is a kind of Tibet influence small village with some few guest houses but now many other new hotels are building because of trekkers number rising every year.</p>

<p>The way is going into the pine forest where you can see such a huge pine and Conifer, Hemlock and Burch trees. You need to cross back the bridges over Budhi Gandaki river. Then after you will climb for 1 and half hours to the hill top then you will reach to Namrung village. Then the trail goes mostly flat and gently up till Lho via many different beautiful villages with the wonderful mountain view from this village you can see magnificent view of the Mt. Manaslu. It is a big village of this area with a beautiful monastery. If you have time and no feeling of tired you can go to the monastery, otherwise better to go monastery next day morning before your breakfast. After you visit this monastery, have breakfast then continue to Samagaun.</p>

<p>The way is going gently up to Samagaun. It is a beautiful and large village of this area the village spread on the flat village. You can see several old mountain houses and many yaks also and zhopas the animals mix between yak and cow the people use them for carrying stuffs for the mountain villages.</p>

<p>Today you will get a wonderful day, if you go to visit Pungen Gompa situated at 4100,m altitude where you will be at the bottom of vertically standing Mt. Manaslu 8163,m. All the visitors feel such a proud to be there once in the life because of the Mountain view from the beneath of high mountains and the Buddhist shrine Gumba, (Pungen Gumba) you need to walk about 2:30 /3,hours to get there. If you do not go there better to go to the Manaslu base camp.</p>

<p>You will start to feel the altitude from this day so better to walk short distance, no problem the way is going very gently up until the river before Samdo village then you need to climb for 30 minutes till this beautiful Samdo village.There are about 30 to 40 local houses and the hotels. After you arrive there, take a lunch then better to go for hiking. It is very good to hike everyday hike high and sleep at low to adjust the climate of the area.</p>

<p>This day your pace have to be slow on the uphill all may feel more breathless due to altitude better to manage your pace yourself. Rest while you reach at camp take your lunch then go for acclimatization. Probably you can see many mountains wild goats blue sheep.</p>

<p>This is your most important day because the Larke pass is your destination or purpose of trekking but you have to start your walking early of morning because of the wind or mountain storm at pass after 10 AM depends on the weather therefore better to cross the pass to be safe from the wind or storm. After 4 hours walking from the Dharmasala you get the pass. It is a wonderful scenic part for the mountains panorama views that you can see quite a wide Himalaya from there. Take photos for few minutes, then proceed your walking along the ridge of the moraine. Eventually you enter the landslide areas can be very dangerous so be quite careful try to follow your guide’s instructions. Then the way goes all the way down till Vimtang.</p>

<p>This day also is long day walk because of long and hard walking last day. you have trek all the way down through the beautiful paradise forest of conifers, Burch, Maple, and Rhododendrons etc. You can see such a beautiful jungle as of the ferry tale.After you arrive the hotel then take a rest.</p>

<p>The way is very easy going all the way down so you feel more easy to continue your walking cross some hanging bridges and the villages with Marijuana plants till Dharapani village where your ACAP permits will be check. The junction between the way to Manang Annapurna circle route and the exit point of Manaslu trekking thereafter your trek continue down to Syange village.</p>

<p>This day you will do a fare well dinner with your all trekking staffs. then you take your time for different activities in pokhara or Kathmandu.</p>

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Manasalu Round Trekking in Nepal- 14/17 Days.