Recommended Trekking equipments for the trekkers

Recommended Trekking equipments  for the trekkers –

1, Full size of water proof trekking boots/Gore tex.

2, warm shocks

3, pair of Flip flops.

4, Wind blocker trekking trauser

5, inner fleece trauser.

6, pants.

7, Thermal T-shirts / norma T-shirts up to the places.

8,  Long sleaved jumpers/ pullover.

9, Jacket / warm dawn jacket.

10, Rain stopper .

11, Day Hat

12, warm night hat.

13, warm hand gloves.

14, sun glass with UV.

15, Flash light.

16, sun cream.

17, lip stick.

18, Medicine kits.

19, water bottle.

20, sewing kits/ Nail cutter.

21, shoaps/ shampo.

22, Trekking poles.

23, sleeping bags.

24, Timer/ clock.

25, Towel.

26, Swiss knife.

27, Ruck sack.

28, Crampons against snow/ Ice.

29, Spikes/Gatters to protect your pants from the mud/ snow.

30, Iodine tablets or liquid for water.

31, Snickers/ sport shoes.

  Respected Nepal visitors, we will inform you more in detail, about your essential equipements what you need according to the places you are going to.

– Thanks – Brave Heart Himalaya Treks,Pvt,Ltd and team.


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